Child and Pet Safety

Child and Pet Safety

At Red Panda Blinds we take Child and pet safety seriously, that’s why all blinds and shutters fitted by Red Panda will follow one or more of the following safety standards.


Safe by Design


A blind which is Safe by Design is one that is cordless or has concealed or tensioned cords. Usually these blinds are pushed or pulled into position


  • Motorised blinds can also remove the need for operating cords at the side of the blind
  • Wooden shutters and external blinds are other cordless styles of window dressing always consider these blind styles first when choosing your blinds.


Blinds come in an endless range of colours and finishes but when buying new blinds for your home, you must consider the way they are operated. There are Safe by Design options for: Roller| Venetian| Vertical | Pleated |Roman Cleat this should be securely fixed to an adjacent surface out of the reach of children and at least 1.5 metres from the floor. The cords must be secured in a figure of eight after each and every operation of the blind. Ensure all spare cord is securely contained on the cleat.


Cord/Chain tidy’s & tensioners, these devices should be securely fixed to an adjacent surface and at the maximum distance from the top of the blind so the cords and/or chains are held permanently taut by the device.


Chain-break connector, these will break apart when undue pressure is applied on the operating chain but, after inspection, can be reconnected again. Chain sizes vary so you must use the chain-break connector which is designed to be used with your specific blind type.